Tuesday, August 21, 2012

OWI-2nd Reduced to Negligent Operation of Motor Vehicle

A simple fact of life is that people need to drive.  In many circumstances, people do it for a living. Truck drivers,  sales people, or delivery persons simply don't have the luxury of being without a license for months or years on end. But that's exactly what our client, TMZ, was facing when she was arrested for her second DUI offense. With a new promotion at work that required frequent travel throughout the state, TMZ couldn't afford to lose her license. Not only was she looking at losing her new promotion, a drunk driving conviction could mean losing her job. She had to do something. She contacted Melowski & Associates and Attorney Sarvan Singh was tabbed for the assignment of saving TMZ's career. And he was up to the task. Attorney Singh poured over the police reports and video evidence and realized there was substantially conflicting information between the two. At the strategically right time, Attorney Singh pointed these conflicts out to the prosecutor, just days prior to TMZ's scheduled jury trial. The prosecutor was impressed by the lengths to which Attorney Singh had gone to expose the anomalies in the officer's version of events. The prosecutor knew that a conviction on the DUI charge was in jeopardy. An excellent outcome was reached.The original drunk driving charges were dropped. Instead, TMZ pled no contest to a reduced charge of Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle, which is a non-alcohol-related, misdemeanor offense that will not even appear on TMZ's driver record. In addition to avoiding the costly and embarrassing ignition interlock device, TMZ would not have to spend even a single day in jail and her driving privileges were completely spared. She was simply placed on probation for one year. The promotion she worked so hard to attain remained and her career was saved. Mission accomplished.