Friday, May 24, 2013

May 6, 2013: Complete Dismissal of OWI-1st Offense (with .13 Breath Test Result)

As someone who was about to earn his MBA from a prestigious business school, the last thing JAN needed was a drunk driving conviction on his record. Such a "black mark" would almost certainly scare away the top employers who were courting him. JAN had no choice. He had to fight his case, even though his breath test showed an alcohol level of .13. After being given Dennis Melowski's name by a family member who is also an attorney, JAN scheduled a consultation with Dennis. Only a few minutes into the consultation, JAN knew he had found the man for the job. Knowing the stakes involved for JAN, Dennis got to work right away, laying the groundwork for several legal challenges at JAN's administrative suspension hearing through careful questioning of the arresting officer. For more than the next year, Dennis relentlessly pursued these challenges in court, withstanding countless delays due to the lack of preparation on the part of the prosecutor. Dennis' efforts finally paid off when he showed up to court yet again to fight on JAN's behalf and the prosecutor was still not prepared to proceed with the case. By this time, the judge had finally had enough of the delays and would not put the case off any longer. All charges against JAN were dismissed on the spot. JAN's nightmare was finally over and his future has never looked brighter. Persistence pays off indeed.