Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Another Outstanding Result in an OWI-Homicide Case; Client Pleads to Reduced Charge and Receives County Jail Time with Work Release

GC's case marked the fifth straight time Dennis Melowski successfully obtained a non-prison sentence for a client in a case that started out as an OWI-Homicide. In cases where lengthy prison sentences are a virtual given, even for first-time offenders, this is a remarkable success rate. Although GC's case had some very difficult facts (he ran a stop sign; broadsided another vehicle, killing the other driver instantly; and had both a .108 blood test result and marijuana in his system), Dennis focused on GC's otherwise impeccable character in crafting a sentencing proposal for 12 months in the county jail with work release privileges. Dennis hired an expert sentencing consultant (someone with vast experience in the Wisconsin probation and prison systems) to meticulously lay out all of the reasons why a prison term was unjustified in GC's case. In addition, Dennis was able to obtain just enough leverage in the case to negotiate a lesser charge in the weeks leading up to GC's jury trial. The prosecutor dropped the OWI-Homicide charge in exchange for GC's no contest plea to a reduced charge of Homicide by Negligent Operation of a  Vehicle**. At GC's sentencing hearing, Dennis was able to convince the judge to adopt his sentencing proposal in its entirety. The judge sentenced GC to just 12 months in the county jail (all with work release privileges), despite the District Attorney vigorously arguing for 5 years in the Wisconsin State Prison System. Given what was at stake, GC and his wife of 30 years wept with joy at this outstanding outcome.

**Having the charge reduced also lowered GC's mandatory license revocation from 5 years to just 1 year