Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 18, 2014: OWI-1st/Refusal of Chemical Test Reduced to Reckless Driving

As a professional subject to licensing in another state, our client, TRW, had a lot riding on the outcome of this case. A drunk driving conviction would have ruined her professional reputation and haunted her for years to come. TRW's case was complicated by the fact that she refused to submit to the breath test following her arrest, leading to a separate charge that actually carries worse penalties than the drunk driving charge itself. These "Refusal Charges" as they are known, can often be very difficult to defend, since there are only a very limited number of issues that can be raised to defend such a charge. But persistence and shrewd negotiating by Attorney Liz Majerus ultimately saved the day. On the afternoon of TRW's court trial, Attorney Majerus was able to negotiate a fantastic resolution. The OWI charge was reduced to the non-alcohol-related offense of Reckless Driving and the Refusal Charge was completely dismissed. Aside from paying a fine, TRW suffered no consequences from her arrest. She never lost her license for a single day and, because she avoided the awful stigma of a drunk driving conviction, her well-deserved professional reputation is fully intact. She could not have been more pleased with this outcome.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 4, 2014: Client Found NOT GUILTY of All Charges in OWI-1st Case (with .11 Blood Test Result)

This was a major victory for our client, CH. As a former police officer looking to get back into law enforcement, a complete exoneration in court was her only option. The prosecutor was dead set against giving CH any breaks, not only because he did not want to be perceived as giving a former cop preferential treatment, but also because he did not want to "kowtow" (his word) to Dennis Melowski. It also didn't help matters that CH was the ex-wife of the police chief, who was hellbent on making sure CH was prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The trial was very contentious from the start and it was clear that the prosecution was willing to do whatever was necessary to secure a guilty verdict. But by the close of the prosecution's case to the jury, Dennis Melowski had done so much damage to the police witnesses that there was practically no case against his client left. By the time Dennis was done cross-examining the arresting officer, his credibility had been so badly damaged that, at Dennis' request, the judge took the highly unusual step of striking ALL of the officer's testimony. The judge instructed the jury to disregard everything the officer testified to and to treat the case as if the officer never took the witness stand. Without the officer's testimony, Dennis knew the prosecutor could not prove his case. Dennis asked the judge to direct verdicts of NOT GUILTY in favor of his client, a request the judge immediately granted. All charges against CH were dismissed on the spot and she was completely cleared of both the OWI and PAC charges. It was the best outcome she could have hoped for and she broke down with tears of joy. As we have said more than once, there is no substitute for superior lawyering. It's a lesson we love to teach to overzealous prosecutors. And dishonest cops.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

August 11, 2014: Operating with Restricted Controlled Substance-2nd Offense Reduced to Minor Traffic Ticket

RF had no idea he was committing a serious crime at the time he was stopped for a minor equipment violation by the State Patrol. Thinking he would just receive a warning and be sent on his way, RF was stunned when the Trooper began aggressively questioning him about drug use. After some very questionable police tactics in the ensuing investigation, RF found himself cuffed and in the backseat of the squad car for allegedly Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Restricted Controlled Substance as a second offense, a serious charge involving a mandatory jail sentence and a very lengthy license revocation. Things only got worse when the result of the post-arrest blood test revealed the presence of an illegal drug in RF's system. Not knowing where to turn, RF and his mother conducted extensive research of Wisconsin's top defense attorneys. After interviewing several, they chose Dennis Melowski.

These cases can be very difficult to defend because the prosecutor only has to prove that the illegal substance was present in the blood at the the time of driving. Proving the drug was at a certain level is not required, nor is proof of impairment by the drug. Thus, the fate of such cases is often determined by whether or not there are sufficient legal challenges to get the blood test result thrown out by the judge. Recognizing the potential legal challenges in a given case and successfully raising them is often a function of the skill of the individual defense lawyer involved. After carefully reviewing the squad video evidence and police reports, Dennis Melowski identified several game-changing legal issues on RF's behalf, all of which had to do with the Trooper's investigation on the side of the road. Dennis brought these challenges to the attention of the judge in the form of written motions. Within just days of the motions being filed, Dennis received a phone call from the prosecutor who admitted there was significant merit to Dennis' arguments. A fantastic deal was offered to RF. The criminal charges would be completely dropped in exchange for a plea of no contest to a minor traffic ticket for lane deviation, a deal RF happily accepted. Aside from paying a $200 fine, RF suffered no consequences from this incident and avoided a criminal conviction. Another exceptional real result.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

June 26, 2014: First Offense Drunk Driving Case (with .14 breath test result) Reduced to Non-Alcohol-Related Village Ordinance Violations

CM has a successful career as a salesperson in the medical device filed, a job that requires him to drive extensively, both in his home state and Wisconsin. Any disruption to his driving privileges would cost CM his job and would severely hamper his ability to regain similar employment. So when CM had the misfortune of being arrested for his first-ever drunk driving offense, he knew he would have to find the very best attorney to fight his case. After extensive research, CM decided that Dennis Melowski was the only lawyer for the job.

The fantastic deal Dennis reached in CM's case did not come easily. It was the byproduct of nearly two years' worth of work. Through a contested municipal court trial, to an appeal to circuit court where several motion issues were litigated, Dennis pushed the case at every opportunity. Finally, just a few weeks before another motion hearing, Dennis' efforts paid off...in a big way. Dennis was able to convince the prosecutor to drop the two original alcohol-related charges (OWI and PAC) in exchange for CM pleading no contest to two extremely minor village ordinance violations: Being in a Park After Hours and Loitering on Posted Property. Aside from paying a fine, CM suffered no consequences from his arrest. He never lost his license for a single day and nothing will even appear on his driver record related to this incident. More importantly, he avoided becoming a convicted drunk driver. It was the best outcome CM could have hoped for. And he still has his job.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Attorney Singh Has A Drugged Driving Case Amended To Inattentive Driving And Also Has Two Cases Completely Dismissed


Prescription drug cases are very difficult. They require a general understanding of how certain chemicals may affect a person’s motor skills. Because of the plethora of prescription medication available, these types of cases require a great deal of research. Often, when someone is arrested for drugged driving, numerous medications may be involved. Such was the case for RLK. RLK was (and still is) suffering from a life-threatening illness, which requires a copious number and combination of prescription drugs. Some of these drugs affect her ability to operate a motor vehicle. It was shortly after taking her medications that RLK was forced to leave the house to seek her son, who was supposed to have been home several hours prior. While searching for her son, RLK was stopped by police and subsequently arrested for intoxicated driving. She contacted Attorney Sarvan Singh to help with her situation. Attorney Singh reviewed her conditions, her medications, and presented an alternative resolution to the prosecutor. The prosecutor, familiar with Attorney Singh, went along with amending the charge of drugged driving to a simple inattentive driving citation. RLK could not believe her luck and repeatedly expressed to Attorney Singh how fortunate she was to hire him. Having the charge amended allows RLK to focus on her health and working on getting better.


There are times when a traffic stop just doesn’t smell right. For example, SSS was driving home with three other friends after watching the dirt track races when he was stopped because the front seat passenger supposedly did not have his seat belt fastened. Keep in mind the officer observed this from behind the vehicle at around midnight. The officer pulled SSS over and subsequently arrested him for Operating While Intoxicated, first offense.  SSS sought out Attorney Singh to help him with his case. Attorney Singh reviewed the video, but determined it was inconclusive. However, during their meeting, SSS described the appearance and operation of the seatbelt, which differed significantly from the officer’s report. Attorney Singh had SSS take pictures of the seatbelt and filed a motion challenging the stop. During the hearing, the officer’s testimony was consistent with his report, which is exactly what Attorney Singh wanted. Attorney Singh then showed video and pictures of the actual seatbelt, and explained how it completely contradicted the officer’s testimony. The judge, after hearing all the evidence, threw the case out and SSS walked away feeling vindicated.


An OWI third offense is very serious charge. A conviction may result in up to a year in jail. That’s why NED hired our firm. He was facing an OWI third offense with a unique set of circumstances: He wasn’t driving the vehicle. In fact, the officer arrested him as he was walking up to his house. NED tried to explain the circumstances to the officer, but the officer simply didn’t believe him and arrested him for drunken driving. NED hired Attorney Singh and told him what happened, which was while his car was found in a ditch a mile away from his residence, his buddy was the one who put it there. In fact, NED explained that the last time he actually drove was much earlier in the day. Attorney Singh read the reports, watched the video, and spoke with NED’s friend who had actually operated the car. Despite the officer’s insistence otherwise, there was no evidence to show anything NED said was untrue. Armed with this information, Attorney Singh approached the prosecutor and laid out his case, essentially showing that there was very little chance he could prove his case. The prosecutor agreed and dismissed the case completely.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Attorney Matt Murray Obtains Outstanding Outcomes In Three Cases:

1.  OWI - Third Offense reduced to Negligent Operation of Motor Vehicle

 RS was a commercial truck driver and charged with a third offense OWI.  He was therefore facing a lifetime disqualification of his commercial driver's license.  In the days before the jury trial, after several pretrial hearings attacking the evidence, the prosecutor finally agreed to amend the charge to a Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle, which carried no license revocation and saved RS' career.

2.  OWI - First Offense reduced to Inattentive Driving

 Another commercial driver, NK, was charged with OWI- First Offense after being pulled over for allegedly squealing his tires.  NK adamantly stated that he never squealed his tires.  Attorney Murray obtained a copy of the squad video and pointed out that the smoke observed actually came from the exhaust and not the tires. The charge was amended to an Inattentive Driving citation.  Another license saved.

3.  OWI - Third Offense with .328 Blood and accident reduced to First Offense with no jail

 TG was in big trouble.  It was his third offense, his blood test came back at .328, he had rear ended another car, and was also charged with refusing the blood test.  The officer also tagged on an Inattentive Driving ticket.  He was facing substantial jail time and was rightfully scared.  Attorney Murray reopened TG's second offense and had it dismissed because the municipal court that entered the judgment did not have jurisdiction.  The third offense was then dropped to a first offense and TG served no jail at all.  The prosecutor was not pleased and wanted TG to then plead to both the Refusal charge and the OWI - First Offense.  Attorney Murray then pushed the case until the Refusal and Inattentive Driving charges were also dismissed.  Another very happy client.

Friday, June 13, 2014

June 11, 2014: OWI-1st/PAC-1st (with .164 Blood Test Result) Reduced to Speeding Ticket

Our client, TK, came to us with a case that had some very difficult facts. Observed by an officer to be speeding at 2:30 in the morning, TK initially did not pull over in response to the officer's lights. According to the officer, TK traveled more than a mile before he pulled over. This resulted in TK being charged criminally for Failing to Stop for an Officer. What's more, TK allegedly failed the field sobriety tests and had a blood alcohol level more than twice the legal limit. Despite the damning allegations, TK had to do whatever he could to keep a drunk driving conviction off his record. His job (and career) depended on it. TK sought advice from his civil attorney in finding the best drunk driving attorney in Wisconsin. The attorney provided only one name: Dennis Melowski.

When Dennis started digging into the case, he began to realize that the case against TK was not quite as strong as it initially seemed. The officer's squad video contradicted some of his claims about TK's performance on the field sobriety tests and it even called into question whether TK would have been able to see the officer's squad lights from the rear when he "failed to stop." Dennis filed several legal challenges on TK's behalf and a motion hearing was ultimately held in front of the judge. At this hearing, Dennis devastated the officer on cross-examination and was able to severely weaken the State's case. At the conclusion of the hearing, the judge ordered both sides to brief the issue of whether the motions should be granted based on how the officer testified. Dennis filed his brief and, within a week of doing so, got a call from the prosecutor offering a fantastic deal. The prosecutor agreed to drop the drunk driving charges in exchange for TK pleading no contest to a simple speeding ticket. In addition, the criminal charge of Failure to Stop for an Officer was amended to Obstructing an Officer, which will not appear on TK's driver record. Aside from paying some fines, TK suffered no consequences from this incident. More importantly, he is not a convicted drunk driver. He couldn't be happier.