Thursday, October 20, 2016

Another Jury Trial Win for Dennis Melowski: Client Found Not Guilty of all charges in OWI-4th/PAC-4th (with .154 blood test result)

Prosecutors are rarely willing to plea bargain an OWI-4th. In fact, most dig their heels in even more at this level of offense. And that certainly was the case with Dennis Melowski's client, JP. By the letter of the law, JP was plainly guilty of operating while intoxicated, unfortunately for the fourth time. Despite that, Dennis believed he had a very good chance of convincing a jury of JP's peers that he was not guilty. How? By appealing to the jurors' sense of fairness. Although technical guilt was clear, moral guilt was very much not. The most successful trial lawyers, the ones at the very top of their profession, know how to present their arguments to juries in such a way that jurors may look past the letter of the law to do what's right. And after only 15 minutes of deliberation, the jury did just that. They found JP NOT GUILTY of all charges. He couldn't possibly be happier.