Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Attorney Singh Picks Up Right Where He Left Off In 2013

Readers of our blog know that Attorney Sarvan Singh ended 2013 on quite a tear, obtaining  amendments in several difficult cases. It appears the beginning of 2014 is no different.

Attorney Singh has OWI First with .125 blood test amended to a simple traffic citation

Often, motorcycle accidents leave lifelong injuries. Take MB for example, who was touring Northern Wisconsin with friends when his bike hit a patch of gravel and veered off the road. Without a helmet, MB suffered grievous injuries to his head and face. To make matters worse, when officers caught up with him forty five minutes later, they charged him drunken driving. While recuperating, he came across Melowski & Associates' website and read a summary of their successes. MB contacted Attorney Sarvan Singh to see how he could help. As MB recited the facts of the evening, one particular part stuck out. Sarvan knew this unique fact would make all the difference in the case, so he sat on it and let the matter proceed to trial. On the eve of trial, he sprung it on the prosecutor and explained how this would be a possible defense. The result was amending the OWI to a simple four point traffic violation. MB now focuses on his physical therapy and not on a potential life-altering OWI conviction.

Attorney Singh has OWI- Third Offense with .185 blood test amended to OWI First with no requirement for the ignition interlock device

Sometime cases are just flat-out bad. An attorney can look at it every way imaginable and be left with the undeniable conclusion that the case is simply indefensible. That was exactly the type of case VT had when he walked into our office. Bad driving, bad field sobriety tests and a blood result of .178.  Add to these facts that this was a third offense and VT was looking at substantial jail and license revocation. After considering every possible way of defending the case, Attorney Sarvan Singh opted for a different strategy. He began to scour her prior convictions and discovered one of her prior offenses may be susceptible to attack.  He filed a motion and challenged her second offense. After a lengthy process (nearly two years) the prosecutor conceded the motion. To help move matters along, the prosecutor also agreed to no ignition interlock device (IID). So, VT went from an indefensible third drunken driving charge to a first offense with no jail nor an IID. VT was absolutely thrilled with the result.  

Attorney Singh gets an OWI with Refusal reduced to a Reckless Driving

One would think that if a person spends nearly sixty-five (65) years working hard, paying taxes and obeying the law, the government, at some point, should give him a break. That was JS. He has been a fruitful and productive member of society his entire life. Then one day, after leaving a McDonald's drive-thru, he was detained for operating while intoxicated. JS explained he was older, had numerous health problems, and would not pass any field sobriety tests. The officer claimed JS was being uncooperative and refusing the test, so JS was additionally cited with a Refusal. One would think given JS's age and lack of criminal record, the government would simply amend the OWI. Sadly, that wasn't the case and the prosecution forced JS's hand. He hired Sarvan, who took the case in parts. He first contested the Refusal and won (which is a very difficult task in its own right) and then turned his attention towards the OWI. After pointing out the vast number of things the officer got wrong, the prosecutor finally agreed to amend it. Given all JS has done right, it only seemed fair that he finally get a break from the government, and he did, with some help from Melowski & Associates.