Friday, June 17, 2016

Another Trial Victory for Dennis Melowski: Jury Finds Client Not Guilty in OWI-1st/PAC-1st (with .15 blood test)

Sometimes our clients can say it even better than we can. Here is the 5-star review* that Dennis Melowski's client, MB, posted on the independent lawyer rating website Avvo after Dennis won** his case at a jury trial just two weeks ago:
Not Guilty at Trial
5.0 stars
Posted by Matthew
June 5, 2016
I hired Dennis Melowski after much research. Let me spare you the pointless research, hire him. If you want the best, your search is over. I was pulled over for an equipment violation, and arrested for OWI. A condition of my employment was to keep a valid license. I never went a day without it. He filed a motion with the judge to stay my license revocation until the matter was resolved. He has the reputation of winning at trial, so much so, that many District Attorney offices will plea it out to a non-alcohol charge. This is what the ADA wanted to do in my case, but the new DA wanted to make a name for themselves and wouldn't budge (their mistake). He filed motions, requested documents from the lab that tested my blood (.15), and did so much more. I was very impressed with him at trial, his cross examination of the DA's witnesses was unbelievable. The time and planning he put into it was remarkable, and it showed. He was able to point out many factors that showed the case against me wasn't black and white, and that it was very hard to trust the evidence they presented against me. During trial he explained everything to me, and asked for my input. The respect he gives you is of the highest level possible. My case took over 2 years to trial and he always kept an open two way conversation with me. He got me a NOT GUILTY verdict on all alcohol related charges! You simply can't make a mistake in acquiring him to represent you. Look no further, Dennis Melowski should be your only consideration!
* Dennis Melowski has 78 client reviews on the Avvo website and each and every one is 5 stars. Dennis has more 5-star reviews than any drunk driving defense attorney in Wisconsin.
** Dennis' victory in this case was his 12th of his last 16 drunk driving cases that have proceeded to jury trial. This is a rate of success that simply cannot be matched. If you are considering other lawyers to defend a case as potentially life-altering as a drunk driving offense, be sure to ask them the outcomes of their last 10 drunk driving trials. Make them be specific. You will likely be shocked by what you hear. If they even give you an answer.