Tuesday, June 21, 2011

April 12, 2011: Complete Acquittal in OWI-1st Case

At the jury trial of County of W. v. J.N., the jury found the client Not Guilty of both OWI-1st (.11 breath test result) and PAC-1st. During the trial, Attorney Dennis Melowski was able to not only overcome the prosecution's key piece of evidence (the officer's squad video), he was able to completely turn the tables on the prosecutor and use the video to his client's advantage. Using the video, Dennis was able to catch the officer red-handed in several breaches of protocol, in addition to exposing obvious contradictions between what the officer testified to in court and what was actually on the video. By the end of the trial, the jury had obviously had enough of the officer's half-truths. As a result of the jury's Not Guilty verdicts, both charges were completely dismissed. Client was completely exonerated and walked away from this case as if it had never even happened in the first place.