Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 30, 2011: Complete Acquittal in OWI-1st Case

At the jury trial of City of M. v. S.B., Dennis Melowski was able to convince a jury to find his client Not Guilty of both Operating a Motor Vehicle While Intoxicated and Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Prohibited Alcohol Concentration. Despite having to contend with a .12 breath test result, a squad video and several alleged admissions of guilt by his client, Dennis was able to severely undermine the arresting officer's credibility during cross-examination. This was done by showing significant contradictions between the officer's trial testimony and his testimony at prior hearings, as well as using the officer's own squad video to disprove some of the officer's claims about his client. What's more, Dennis had done an extensive background check of the machine used to test his client's breath and was able to expose several problems with its reliability. In the end, the jury took only 12 minutes to reach their decision. Afterwards, four of the jurors approached Dennis outside the courtroom to ask him for his business card. Most importantly, though, Dennis' client walked out of the courthouse completely exonerated!