Monday, October 24, 2011

October 21, 2011: OWI-1st Reduced to Reckless Driving

Often, potential clients seek us out because of what they have at stake. Many hire us simply because a drunken driving conviction will land them in the unemployment line. Take for example our client, DRK.  DRK works for a utilities company. This means he would have to traverse all of Wisconsin (and parts of Michigan) at any given date and time. His company made clear to him that a conviction for Operating While Intoxicated or any limitations on his driving privileges would mean his termination.  DRK had a deplorable set of facts staring him in the face. He was involved in a two-car accident and failed the field sobriety tests on video. Making things more difficult was the fact that DRK refused the chemical test. A refusal often complicates things because it makes a conviction much easier for the prosecutor. So, when Attorney Singh got a hold of County of V. v. DRK, he had to get creative. And that is exactly what he did. By closely analyzing all the paperwork completed by the police, he noticed a very minor error. However, Attorney Singh was able to exploit this error to the point where he challenged the County’s entire case. The County reluctantly agreed to amend DRK’s charge to a reckless driving and he was able to keep his license. DRK spent nearly a year worrying about how the loss of his job would affect him and his family. But thanks to ,Attorney Singh a huge weight was lifted from his shoulders.