Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February 15, 2012: OWI-5th Completely Dismissed

A fifth offense OWI is serious business. As a felony, a conviction can result in a substantial prison sentence, in addition to a host of other consequences that can haunt a person for years. Lengthy license revocation, ignition interlock device and a fine amounting to thousands of dollars are just a few examples. In short, the stakes don't get much higher. So when JJG picked up his fifth offense, he knew he needed a lawyer who would fight for him every step of the way. When he first met with Dennis Melowski to discuss his case, JJG was distraught. He knew what he was facing and thought the situation was hopeless. Fortunately, Dennis saw things differently. Well-versed in the strict legal requirements necessary to sustain an OWI arrest, Dennis noticed some potentially fatal defects in the officer's arrest of JJG. Dennis did not believe the prosecution would be able to overcome these defects at JJG's preliminary hearing. After cross-examining the arresting officer and pinning him down on several key points, Dennis knew the prosecutor's case was in jeopardy. Dennis argued to the judge that charges against JJG should be thrown out. The judge agreed. Case dismissed. JJG was ecstatic. The lesson? Few legal situations are completely hopeless. Especially when you hire the right attorney.