Tuesday, July 10, 2012

An Extraordinary Rate of Success: The Year in Review So Far

At the halfway point of 2012, a stunning total of nineteen Melowski & Associates clients have avoided the life-altering stigma of a drunk driving conviction. Fourteen of these clients have had their drunk driving charges reduced to non-alcohol-related offenses or offenses that won't even appear on their driver record; three clients have been completely exonerated at trial; and two clients have had their charges completely thrown out by judges. Several others have had their cases resolved in truly remarkable ways (see March 1, April 4 and June 4 blog entries). No other firm in the state can demonstrate results like this in defending DUI cases. When we say that Melowski & Associates has an unmatched record of success, it's not some empty slogan to lure prospective new clients. It's simply the truth.