Tuesday, August 21, 2012

OWI-3rd Reduced to Negligent Operation of Motor Vehicle

At Melowski & Associates, often our most important job is helping our clients keep theirs.  That's exactly why MAF contacted our office. MAF was facing a third offense drunk driving, and along with it, a lifetime ban of his commercial driving privileges.  Losing his CDL meant losing his job, which also meant losing his house, his car, and the life he and his family had taken so long to build. To save MAF, Attorney Singh had to get creative. He scoured the case and came up with an unconventional legal argument.  And much to MAF's happiness, it worked. The day before his jury trial, the prosecutor agreed to amend the drunk driving offense to Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle. This reduced charge is a non-alcohol-related misdemeanor offense that would not even appear on MAF's driver record and would have no impact on his regular or commercial driving privileges. In fact, based on the deal reached by Attorney Singh, MAF would not lose his license for even a single day.  This meant that Attorney Singh was able to accomplish the most important thing to MAF-  save his commercial driving career. Because Attorney Singh was able to do that, MAF was able to keep the rest of his life intact and his family has been endlessly grateful.