Wednesday, March 6, 2013

February 4, 2013: OWI-1st (with .178 blood test result) Reduced to Minor Traffic Offenses

ALM is a skilled professional whose employment in her field requires her to have fully valid driving privileges. A law-abiding citizen her entire life, ALM never dreamed she would ever be arrested for anything, much less a potentially career-ending offense like drunk driving. After a night out with some friends, however, ALM learned that in this day and age just about anyone who drinks before they drive can be suspected of driving drunk if they have the misfortune of encountering the police. Shortly after leaving a bar, ALM quickly realized she shouldn't be driving, so she did what every responsible driver should do in such a situation. She stopped the car so that one of her friends could take over behind the wheel. Unfortunately, a sheriff's deputy witnessed ALM slow to a stop and pulled up behind her to see if everything was alright. One thing led to another and about 15 minutes later ALM was handcuffed in the back of a squad car, under arrest for driving drunk. The deputy took her to the local hospital for a blood draw and the alleged result was .178, more than twice the legal limit. Knowing she had to fight her case to save her career, ALM contacted a well-known law firm for help. She was immediately referred to Dennis Melowski, who had successfully represented a number of this firm's clients in the past.  After months of intense negotiations with the prosecutor, Dennis was able to obtain a fantastic resolution for ALM. The drunk driving charges were dropped. In exchange, ALM agreed to plead no contest to two minor traffic offenses: Inattentive Driving and Improper Satnding of Vehicle. Aside from paying a fine, ALM suffered no consequences from her arrest. She never lost her license for a single day; avoided the costly and embarrasing ignition interlock device; and, most importantly, avoided the awful black mark of being a convicted drunk driver. She couldn't be happier.