Thursday, August 22, 2013


From almost thirty years in prison to no jail, no felony conviction, and a reduction in restitution.

While our firm normally focuses exclusively on drunk driving defense, several years ago Attorney Matt Murray represented JS's son who was charged with rape and got the case completely dismissed. Naturally, years later when JS himself was charged with three separate felony cases adding up to a potential twenty-nine years and nine months in prison, he wanted "the best attorney he knows" and called Matt Murray.  The charges ranged from defrauding the government, maintaining a drug house and delivering prescription drugs, to staging a robbery and defrauding an insurance company.  Things looked grim initially and Attorney Murray knew he had his work cut out for him.

Undaunted, Attorney Murray went to work investigating the allegations.  The prosecution knew it had a rough time ahead of it when, after Attorney Murray's performance at the preliminary hearing, the judge remarked how weak the case was.  By poking holes in the prosecution's theories right from the beginning and pushing the case to trial, Attorney Murray was able to work out a deal that seemed impossible when the case began.

While the District Attorney's office initially believed they had found the prescription drug kingpin of the area, Attorney Murray was able to convince them that all of the drug charges were completely bogus and they were subsequently dismissed completely.  The prosecution also agreed to completely dismiss the government fraud charge if JS plead to a misdemeanor fraud charge regarding the insurance company and the prosecution would recommend only two years of probation.  Furthermore, the nearly $10.000.00 in restitution being requested was dropped to $4,500.00.

A case that initially seemed hopeless, with a lengthy prison sentence a near certainty, ended with JS spending no time in custody, without any felony conviction, and a drastic reduction in restitution. Now more than ever, JS has no doubt that Matt Murray is the best attorney he knows. 

Another career saved

MS hired Attorney Matt Murray to save his career and he delivered in a big way.  MS was charged with OWI and PAC in November of last year.  The biggest problem for MS was that he desparately needed his license for his job to drive to various work sites in Wisconsin and in other states.  An occupational license was not an option as he had already been told by his employer that he would be let go if he could only drive on an occupational license.

The first step for Attorney Murray was avoiding the six month administrative license suspension that occurs while the charges are pending in court.  By pointing out the problems with the paperwork, the Department of Transportation agreed that they would not be suspending MS's license.

Attorney Murray then fought the case aggressively, filing motion after motion.  When that did not work, Attorney Murray pushed the case to trial, ready to proceed with a novel defense.  On the morning of trial, when the jury was waiting to come in, the prosecution agreed to amend the charge to a negligent operation of a motor vehicle, which carries no license suspension at all.  While waiting for the judge to come in, the prosecutor looked over to MS and said "you've got a great attorney, I've never seen anything like it."  The judge, equally impressed, told MS he received a huge break because of Attorney Nurray's efforts. Now that his career has been saved, MS couldn't agree more.