Wednesday, December 11, 2013

November 27, 2013: Another Headline-Making Victory in the Court of Appeals: Higher Court Upholds Dismissal of Client's Refusal Charge

Dennis Melowski's successful defense of former state senator Randy Hopper already made headlines locally and nationally when a jury found him NOT GUILTY of all charges back in March of 2012. But the County of Fond du Lac didn't take that loss too kindly. For the past 18 months, they have been doing everything in their power to convince the Court of Appeals to reinstate the charge of  Refusing a Chemical Test against Mr. Hopper, a charge that was dismissed by the trial court judge in the aftermath of the jury's not guilty verdicts. After slugging the case out in the appeal system for the last year and a half, justice finally prevailed (again). The Court of Appeals ruled against the County and upheld the trial judge's decision to dismiss the Refusal charge. Mr. Hopper remains completely exonerated.

The outcome in Mr. Hopper's case is yet another example of the lengths to which our attorneys will go to protect the interests of our clients. It's the only way we know.**

Media accounts of our victory in Mr. Hopper's case can be read here:

**A special thanks to Attorney Chad Lanning, West Bend, WI, for his invaluable assistance and insight during Mr. Hopper's appeal. It is truly appreciated.