Monday, June 16, 2014

Attorney Matt Murray Obtains Outstanding Outcomes In Three Cases:

1.  OWI - Third Offense reduced to Negligent Operation of Motor Vehicle

 RS was a commercial truck driver and charged with a third offense OWI.  He was therefore facing a lifetime disqualification of his commercial driver's license.  In the days before the jury trial, after several pretrial hearings attacking the evidence, the prosecutor finally agreed to amend the charge to a Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle, which carried no license revocation and saved RS' career.

2.  OWI - First Offense reduced to Inattentive Driving

 Another commercial driver, NK, was charged with OWI- First Offense after being pulled over for allegedly squealing his tires.  NK adamantly stated that he never squealed his tires.  Attorney Murray obtained a copy of the squad video and pointed out that the smoke observed actually came from the exhaust and not the tires. The charge was amended to an Inattentive Driving citation.  Another license saved.

3.  OWI - Third Offense with .328 Blood and accident reduced to First Offense with no jail

 TG was in big trouble.  It was his third offense, his blood test came back at .328, he had rear ended another car, and was also charged with refusing the blood test.  The officer also tagged on an Inattentive Driving ticket.  He was facing substantial jail time and was rightfully scared.  Attorney Murray reopened TG's second offense and had it dismissed because the municipal court that entered the judgment did not have jurisdiction.  The third offense was then dropped to a first offense and TG served no jail at all.  The prosecutor was not pleased and wanted TG to then plead to both the Refusal charge and the OWI - First Offense.  Attorney Murray then pushed the case until the Refusal and Inattentive Driving charges were also dismissed.  Another very happy client.