Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Complete Jury Trial Acquittal in OWI-1st Case with .11 Breath Test Result

The annual celebration of Thanksgiving is that one time of year when we all sit back and take stock of the important things in life. This yearly ritual rises to new levels of significance when you've just been given a second chance. Just ask our client, BEW, who was facing charges of  Operating While Intoxicated and Operating with a Prohibited Alcohol Concentration. Although this was BEW's first offense, he was panicked over the impact a drunk driving charge would have on his record and, more importantly, his future. As a young man, BEW was just starting out in life and the last thing he needed holding him back was the permanent stain of a drunk driving conviction. BEW and his family sat down with Attorney Sarvan Singh where they expressed their sorrow and frustration that this one mistake would define BEW's life. Sarvan allayed their fears, however, and assured them that he would do everything possible to keep the drunk driving charge off of their son's record. But Sarvan knew he had his work cut out for him. As it turns out, there were several stubborn aspects of BEW's case. The officer who arrested BEW stopped him for driving in the early morning hours without his headlights on and the subsequent breath test at the police station revealed an alleged alcohol level of .11. It was this latter piece of evidence that proved particularly difficult to find a crack in.
            Sarvan needed a game-changer, and he found it when he was discussing BEW's case with Dennis Melowski. One of the substantial advantages our firm has over others is the talent pool we can draw upon within our own office. While one lawyer is always primarily responsible for a client's case, brainstorming is a way of life for the attorneys here. We are constantly bouncing ideas and strategies off one another to maximize our clients' chances of a favorable outcome. Sarvan took advantage of this and sat down with Dennis to discuss BEW's case. And it paid off in a big way. Dennis noticed an issue that he himself used to obtain a not guilty verdict only a few months back. Sarvan employed the exact same tactic  for BEW and obtained the exact same result: the jury found BEW Not Guilty of both charges he was facing. He walked out of the courthouse completely exonerated. This Thanksgiving, many of us will celebrate the day in thoughtful reflection. This year, BEW will do the same. It's just that he has a little more to be thankful for.