Friday, November 9, 2012

November 1, 2012: OWI-1st (with .15 breath test result) Reduced to Inattentive Driving

Many people struggle with the idea of hiring a lawyer, and with good reason. They're expensive, there are no guarantees, and there is only so much a lawyer can do with a bad set of facts.That was the issue vexing MC. MC was facing an OWI-1st Offense and a Reckless Driving charge in a case with some difficult circumstances. MC ran his car into a tree; failed all three field sobriety tests- twice; and rang up a breath result of .15. Given these facts, MC wondered whether it was worth the trouble and expense of hiring a lawyer. But a close friend of MC's is an attorney in Arizona and was familiar with Melowski & Associates' record of success in tough cases like this. MC's friend urged him to consider the profound, life-long consequences of being a convicted drunk driver before just pleading guilty. MC spoke with Attorney Sarvan Singh. Sarvan looked closely at all the facts, and while there were plenty of bad ones, he found the one good fact he needed. He filed a motion challenging MC's arrest. After filing the motion, he spoke with the prosecutor, someone against whom Sarvan had success in the past. After listening to Sarvan, the prosecutor knew there was a weakness in the case and that Sarvan was very much up to the task of exploiting it. Rather than risk going to battle with Sarvan, the prosecutor agreed to reduce the OWI charge down to Inattentive Driving, which is a non-alcohol-related, minor traffic offense that carries no loss of license. MC was thrilled, especially now as he's in the process of obtaining his commercial driver's license. If you ask MC, he'll tell you hiring a lawyer was well worth it.